breaking up the party: a radical proposal to save the republic

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I am a Democrat, mostly because I believe that in a capitalist society we need strong social safety nets for the poor, the sick, and those disadvantaged in any way. But, there are many Republicans who I know, love, and respect. I believe that a strong Republican Party is necessary to check safety net thinking with the ideals of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

While I generally stand on one side of that equation, I believe that having an opposition is good for the country. Balance and a rigorous debate are, I think, vital for national health.

But, this is not a time for party politics. This is not a time for debate on the typical matters of national interest.

We have a President who is obviously off the rails, and there’s a strong possibility that he has committed criminal and/or treasonous acts. Investigations to determine this are being cut off at every pass both by the President and Congressional Republicans.

It’s the latter that concerns me the most. As I see it, Congressional Republicans are, by and large, complicit in stifling any real, unbiased inquiry. In my view the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader bear the vast amount of responsibility here.

Can we save the GOP? And, more importantly, salvage the country?


So, here’s my proposal: We take party politics out of this.

1) I propose we dissolve the Democratic Caucuses in the House and Senate and form a Patriot’s Caucus. This caucus would consist of the Democrats in both houses AND any GOP congressmen/women who are ready to put country above party.

If there are ~23 Republicans in the House who are willing to go with this, then this party of Patriots will become the majority party. If there are 3 such people in the Senate, then they become the majority party there.

2) This new caucus would need to carefully select new leaders, who were consensus candidates – with special care in the House, for this person could be a new speaker, and most importantly and germane to this discussion, third in line of Presidential succession.

3) Other than the basic tasks that need to happen to keep our country moving, this new caucus would focus solely on investigating the Russian influence in the last election, alleged collusion by the Trump campaign, and potential criminal activity by Trump or any of his associates. With current leadership sidelined in a new minority, they are completely neutered as protectors of the administration.

4) After a thorough review, and should it be determined necessary and prudent, the House and Senate bring articles of impeachment against the President and Vice President.

5) The new leader of the Patriot Caucus in the House becomes the President of the United States.

6) After this, the two parties could align themselves as they were before all this mess, or decide to do something creative.

I believe that this would not only solve our current crisis, but it might also solve one of the biggest problems our country has seen over the past several decades: Hyper-partisanship.

If we could come together, not as Democrats and Republicans, but as patriotic Americans in this moment of crisis, then maybe, just maybe, we might forge the relationships and trust that are necessary to break the fever which got us to this spot in the first place.

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