driven: Mark 1:9-15

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After Jesus’ baptism, the Holy Spirit drove him into the wilderness for forty days.

The children of God had spent 40 years in that wilderness, making their journey from slavery to a land that God had promised them. Those 40 years forged them into a new people, ready for freedom.

See Jesus in the wilderness. There he is. Baptized. Driven by the spirit. Tempted. Ministered to by the wild animals.

What blessing, what gifts, what strength does he gain in this wilderness?

What things does he shed that room might be made inside him for what he needs to proclaim to an expectant people that the time is fulfilled?

Sit with Jesus here in the wilderness.

What do you need for your journey?

What do you need to shed for your journey?

Ask the Holy Spirit to drive you these forty days of Lent, that you would be led to overcome temptation, and that you would be ministered to by angels, by friends, or by wild beasts.

Before we leave the wilderness, let us pray the prayer Jesus taught us… Our Father.

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