In the crowd: Mark 1:29-39

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Imagine that crowd around the home of Simon and Andrew.

Picture all those men, women, and children there to see Jesus.

Some of them were sick. Some were scared. Some were filled with an evil they could not reconcile. Some had broken hearts, and others had broken bodies.

Stand there in the crowd with them. Stand there expectant. Stand there yearning for Jesus.

What brokenness will you offer him to make whole?

Now, follow Jesus as he leaves the home early in the morning, while it is still dark, and cold, and calm.

Follow him to a place that is deserted and watch as he sits on the earth and turns his inward gaze heavenward – towards his Father.

Join Jesus in lifting your inward gaze towards God too. What will you say to God? How will you listen for God’s voice?

Stay there in that deserted place with Jesus as the sky begins to lighten. As it turns from violet, to red, to orange, and to blue.

And now us pray the prayer Jesus taught us… Our Father.

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