the brilliance: Mark 9:2-9

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Journey with Jesus up the mountain. He leads the way, and you follow not knowing where exactly he’s going. You follow not knowing what you are walking up the mountain for.

Feel your legs get tired. Feel your lungs burn. Feel the sweat on your brow and on your back.

As you reach the summit, and Jesus stops you experience relief, but also some trepidation for you don’t know what’s coming next.

And then comes the light. Everything is white, bright, and shining like the sun.

You see the other figures, and though you only see them in silhouette, you know who they are.

The disciples were seized with terror, here standing amidst the glory of God.

Are you terrified? If not, what are you?

Then the brightness is diffused and muted by a cloud that enshrouds the mountaintop.

This is the cloud of unknowing. The cloud that obscures.

It’s the same cloud which enveloped the mountain on which Moses met God. It’s the same cloud which filled Solomon’s Temple when it was dedicated.

Like a mirror darkened and dimmed you can no longer make out the details of the glory of God. But, you know God is here.

Do you have the sense that the brilliance and the cloud appeared out of no where?

Or, do you have the sense that this holy brilliance is everywhere, if only we’d open our eyes to see it?

Sit in the cloud with God for a while. You don’t need to say anything. Just listen. Just adore. Just be with the God who made you, saved you, and loves you.

As the cloud lifts and the world goes back to normal, let us pray the prayer Jesus taught us… Our Father.

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