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idle talk – a reflection on Luke 24:1-12

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The following is a reflection on Luke 24:1-12, one of the Gospel lesson options for Easter Day, Year C, according to the Revised Common Lectionary. But these words seemed to them an idle tale The disciples thought they were offering an “idle tale?” Jesus, their Lord and friend, has died on Friday. It’s now Sunday. He had been offered up to the authorities by one of their own, who had just recently committed suicide. Women—other friends and […]

Tech Review: The Bible in 90 Days in YouVersion’s Bible App

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Tech Review

This past Lent I didn’t “give up” anything, other than time. For, the Lenten spiritual discipline I chose was to read the entire Bible, cover-to-cover in 90 days. The “90” days thing was handy, in that the season of Lent is 40 days and the season of Easter is 50 days—so, voila! 90 days. I know that there’s a resource which you can buy [The Bible in 90 Days: Cover to Cover in 12 Pages […]

The Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day

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This is the overarching story of the scriptures. Over and over and over again God looks like he's been defeated. Over and over again it looks like the story is over. It appears that God had a good run, but the Cindarella story has to come to an end. And each time, God prevails. Seeming defeat turns into amazing victory. That is the story of God.