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eyes fixed – a reflection on Luke 4:14-21

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The following is a reflection on Luke 4:14-21, the Gospel lesson for the Epiphany 3C, according to the Revised Common Lectionary. There is no shortage of commentary on this passage, oftentimes known as the “Nazareth Inaugural.” In some ways it’s become the manifesto of mainline Christianity. I remember my days in seminary hearing this passage almost monthly. Personally, I love the drama of the scene.

under the folds of the hem – a reflection on Isaiah 6:1-8

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The following is a reflection on Isaiah 8:1-8, the Old Testament lesson properly appointed for Trinity Sunday, Year B, according to the Revised Common Lectionary. The vision of Isaiah has always captivated me. It informs my vision of God’s Heavenly Kingdom perhaps more than anything else. It’s grand. Regal. Sweeping.

The Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year C: A New Thing

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Lectionary / Major Prophets / Old Testament

No. The gods didn't do anything new. The only thing useful about them was that they were totally consistent. Like the law of thermodynamics. Like gravity. But, Israel's God - oh, He's a bit different. He isn't bound by laws and theorems. In God's world the Red Sea can draw back. The sun can stop dead in the sky. Virgins can give birth to bouncing baby boys. A Christian-hating Pharisee like Paul can become an apostle. Our God can do new things.