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patience, grasshopper: sermon starter for proper 23a

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A reflection on Exodus 32:1-14, the Hebrew Bible lesson for Proper 23a, according to the Revised Common Lectionary. Their feet were still covered with the mud from the Red Sea’s floor. Their nights were still aglow with the brightness of the pillar of fire. Their hands were still covered with the callouses born from brick making. They had just tasted the sweetness of freedom, won by the hand of God Almighty. But, Moses and God […]

every hair

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A reflection on Matthew 10:24–39, the Gospel lesson for Proper 7a according to the Revised Common Lectionary. Fear really is the antithesis of faith. And yet, fear hangs on us like humidity on an summer night. It coats us front and back, and attracts all kind of grime, so that even when it’s dries it’s still sticky. In adulthood we may not be living in fear of what bumps in the night, what’s under the […]

the buffoon: proper 9, year a

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Remember “Sleepless in Seattle?” It’s a story of romance – romance that didn’t begin over Facebook or Social Media – but over the radio. Jonah was wasn’t just dealing with his mother’s death, but his father’s depression. He wanted him to find someone…though he had to approve of her. He calls a radio show and spills his dad’s beans all over the country. One listener to the show, Annie, not only gets drawn in, but […]