The Garden

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It all began in a garden. Things were ‘good’ in the garden. Then things were ‘very good’ in the garden.

Then it all fell apart.

It all ends in a garden. Sort of. The garden is still there. Complete with a Tree of Life, and a cool stream of water. And Life abundant.

But, the Garden is now subsumed in a City. A big City. A well-laid out city.

One day, it will all be ‘good’ again. Very good.

This is the movement of the Bible. It begins in the Garden of Eden. It ends in the City of Zion. And there’s a lot of stuff between.

A lot of stuff.

Which is where this blog fits in. This is a place to examine the scriptures from week to week with a wide-angle lens. Looking intently at desert, or Prodigal, or Pharisee, or fig tree, or whatever happens to be there for the week.

But, never missing the forest for the Trees.

Or the City.

Let the games begin.

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