last epiphany a: overcome with fear

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The mission of the Church is to be a vessel where transformation can happen. Where lives may be changed by the Presence of God. Where people are reconciled to God in Christ, and to each other as neighbors.

That transformation isn’t a small thing. It’s not a fresh coat of paint. It’s not even an upgraded operating system.

It’s metamorphosis. It’s wholesale change. From the bottom up. From the inside out.

And, to be honest…it’s not always something that I want.

I like how I am. I like my sinful indulgences. I’m used to my petty discriminations. The way I am, as broken and flawed as it is, is at least comfortable. I know it like the back of my hand. It’s easy. I don’t even have to think about it.

Other times though, I want to change. I want to do a new thing. But, summoning the energy to begin that change, or sustaining the energy past a few days or so, seems nearly impossible.

So, when the disciples are overcome with fear on the mountaintop, I get it. I think I’d be too.

I’m not so sure that they’re overwhelmed by the pyrotechnics. They’ve seen a good deal of what Jesus can do.

But, the mountaintop is a place of transformation, of metamorphosis. Jesus went to the mountaintop not just to be transfigured himself, but to offer Peter, James, and John the space to be transfigured with him.

He was offering them wholesale change. He was offering them the opportunity to shine like the sun too.

And that scared the you-know-what out of them.

Because sometimes staying right where you are, in the shadows, is far more tempting.


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