lent 4a, a storyboard

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So, I’m trying out Haiku Deck as a sermon story-board tool. We don’t use “PowerPoint” in church, but tools like this help me think through a narrative arc, and this one in particular helps me keep my sentences short, punchy, and (hopefully) more effective. And…I LOVE the pic of the dead fish!

UPDATE: I’m liking Haiku Deck, and I think it has a lot of promise…but it’s kinda buggy right now. As much time as they’ve spent in getting the thing to where it’s at right now, I’m reasonably certain that they’ll eventually make sure it’s rock solid. But, I’ve had like 10 different things go wrong, crash, disappear, etc. in the last 24 hours… If you’re an early adopter like me, jump in and give it a try. If bugs drive you up a wall…wait a few weeks.

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