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let the parade go on – a reflection on Epiphany

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The following is a reflection on the Feast of the Epiphany, and Matthew 2:1-12 in particular. My wife and I saw the new James Bond movie the other day. It was a wonderful little distraction before entering into the maelstrom of Christmas Eve. We’ve always loved the James Bond movies—in fact one of our first “dates” was watching a Bond marathon. The villain in the new movie, Skyfall, is quite a man to behold. He’s […]

power without power – a reflection on Christ the King Sunday, Year B

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A reflection on Christ the King Sunday, especially for year B of the Revised Common Lectionary. Pope Pius XI inaugurated Christ the King Sunday in 1925, when the authority of the church was evidently waning in the world. Of course nearly ninety years later, the “authority” of the church—or even just the “place” of the church—in the world is almost laughable. We are all but irrelevant in the power structures of the community of nations. […]