A Trinity Sunday reflection

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Let us create humankind in our image…

We are created in God’s image. And, the most important word there might just be “we.”

There are elements of the Divine Image that we only bear when we are together, because God is a Triune Fellowship.

Let us create humankind in our image…

NOT “Let ME create humankind in MY image.”

God IS a community—what we call the Trinity—and so when we come together as a community of love we gain more and more the potential to reflect the the Image of God.

Which is why it’s so important for us, as Christians, to model great community. Our fellowship is an opportunity to be God’s Image for the world. Which means it’s more than even just a mere evangelical opportunity. It’s not about getting more followers, or members. It’s about giving the world a glimpse into what God looks like.

And, all of this, of course, is about our priestly role—the priesthood of all believers. Christian community and fellowship is all about bringing God to the peoples of the world. It’s a glimmer of light amidst the darkness.

We all know of the great examples of when Christian communities succeed. The Amish forgiving the man, and the family of the man, who slew their children in the schoolhouse. Pope Francis washing the feet of young juvenile offenders. The Martyrs of Memphis staying in the city of Memphis to minister to the sick and dying, even though they were practically assuring their own death.

We also know of the examples of when Christian community fails so horribly.

Which is why toxic Christian community is so damaging. When we aren’t a place where love is known and practiced… when we aren’t a place where forgiveness is freely given…when we aren’t a place that’s completely free of judgement and condescension—we fail at our most basic task.

This isn’t to say that we can’t be places where healthy conflict can be practiced. We don’t have to nice each other to death. But, when a conflict arises, we work out that conflict with grace.

And, it also not to say that we have to be perfect churches brimming with perfect people. We aren’t. And we won’t be. The reflection of God that we’re capable of isn’t a flawless reflection. We are going to hurt each other, and we’re going to be hurt. But, this isn’t always a horrible thing, for those moments give us a chance to practice forgiveness. Those moments offer an opportunity to show the world what it looks like for people who were once enemies to embrace and move on in love.

The Trinity isn’t just a doctrine. It’s a way of living and a way of being. And, it’s something to emulate. For when we do, we show the world what God is like.

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