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A Trinity Sunday reflection

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Let us create humankind in our image… We are created in God’s image. And, the most important word there might just be “we.” There are elements of the Divine Image that we only bear when we are together, because God is a Triune Fellowship. Let us create humankind in our image… NOT “Let ME create humankind in MY image.” God IS a community—what we call the Trinity—and so when we come together as a community […]

under the folds of the hem – a reflection on Isaiah 6:1-8

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The following is a reflection on Isaiah 8:1-8, the Old Testament lesson properly appointed for Trinity Sunday, Year B, according to the Revised Common Lectionary. The vision of Isaiah has always captivated me. It informs my vision of God’s Heavenly Kingdom perhaps more than anything else. It’s grand. Regal. Sweeping.