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Advent Wreath Prayers

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Advent / Prayer

These prayers could be used while the Advent Wreath is being lit either before, or during, the Sunday liturgy. Feel free to use or adapt as necessary. Advent 1 O Come, O Come Emmanuel, As we Light this candle, So kindle within us the fire of your Presence, That, with you, we might set the world ablaze with your light and love. Amen. Advent 2 O Come, O Come Emmanuel, As we light these candles, […]

2,000 years later and I’ve finally figured out the Lord’s Prayer! (maybe) (ok, not really)

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Jesus / Lectionary / New Testament / Prayer / Year C

In the Gospel of Luke the disciples ask Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray,” and Jesus gives them a shorter-than-we’re-used-to version of the Lord’s Prayer. There’s a jillion sermons and books and journal articles and videos and blog posts about the content of the Lord’s Prayer, how important it is, how similar it is to other ancient Jewish prayers of Jesus’ day, etc. But, here’s the thing… I think we might just possibly be barking […]